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NCCF Scholarship Deadline

Mar 15, 2024

150 Scholarships Available for NC Students!

Nearly 150 college scholarships from the North Carolina Community Foundation are now open for applications. Scholarships are available for students in every county, and it is easier than ever to apply for scholarships from NCCF.

Through the NCCF Scholarships Portal, students can:

Use the new NCCF Universal Scholarships Application, which filters through 120 scholarships and determines which scholarships students are eligible for.

Apply individually for additional scholarships.

How to Apply

Most NCCF scholarships close on March 15.

For information about the scholarship, click here to email NCCF

For questions about a specific scholarship, contact the person listed as that scholarship's local contact.

North Carolina Community Foundation Scholarship Deadline Flyer. All information on this flyer is listed above.