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ECAHRO Scholarship Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines

Purpose and Scope

These guidelines are intended to cover the operations of the ECAHRO Scholarship program.  Through this program, ECAHRO will make available scholarship funding to support and foster the educational pursuits of deserving residents of assisted housing being administered or managed by a Public Housing Authority.  It is recognized that this endeavor directly supports the shared objective of enhancing the mobility and improvement of assisted housing residents.

Funding Amounts

The Members of ECAHRO will establish annual funding for the Scholarship Program through the budget process and by a vote at a regular business meeting.  The ECAHRO Scholarship Committee may seek additional and alternative funding sources in addition to ECAHRO Funding.  All additional funding for this purpose will be earmarked and used for the scholarships.

State Eligibility

Each dues-paying active Public Housing Authority member will be eligible for participation in the scholarship program provided the Public Housing Authority indicates its willingness to adhere to adopted program guidelines.

Student Eligibility

The Scholarship Program intends to serve publicly assisted housing residents through Public Housing Authorities members.  An eligible recipient must be an immediate member of a family who resides in publicly assisted housing.

Recipient Selection

The following will be accomplished at a minimum by ECAHRO:

  1. Fully promote the availability of the program;

  2. Establish a system of administration within ECAHRO, which uses its designated scholarship committee;

  3. Judge candidates based on academic achievement GPA of 2.5 or higher, extracurricular activities, education/career goals;

  4. Does not discriminate in any way based on race, sex, age, or other factors not relevant to the primary program objectives;

  5. Scholarship selection will be made annually with a twice (2) a year maximum option.

  6. Funding Method, Reporting, and Maintenance of Eligibility
    1. ECAHRO funding will be utilized to provide annual support for selected applicants.
    2. To maintain eligibility, a recipient must maintain a passing grade acceptable to the university, college, vocational/technical, or business school in which the recipient is enrolled.
    3. Only recognized accredited institutions of higher education may be utilized.
    4. Public Housing Authorities are requested to encourage candidates to apply for scholarships.
    5. Upon final selection and approval, the Scholarship Committee will submit a Request for Scholarship Funding to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Eastern Carolina Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials.  This should be done 45 - 60 days before the Fall or Spring semester commences.  The Scholarship Committee will provide in this request that a direct payment be made to the named program /institution of higher learning.


Participating Public Housing Authorities will agree to take appropriate steps to publicize the Scholarship program. This may be done at the local level consisting of Eastern Carolina housing authorities and educational, vocational, and technical institutions.