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Please click here for the Maintenance Work Order Form.

Emergency Services are available for:

  1. Fire in any building.
  2. Broken water lines on the property.
  3. Any water leak where water runs constantly.
  4. An electrical problem that causes a complete power failure or poses a threat to residents or property.
  5. Gas leak at any appliance or meter.
  6. The smoke alarm going off needs repair, loose or hanging.  Low battery "chirps" will be addressed the next business day.
  7. The heating system is off (only if the outside temperature is below 50 degrees F).
  8. The cooling system not working (temperature over 85 degrees F).
  9. Commode stopped up and overflowing - if one toilet is in the unit and water cannot be shut off.
  10. Give assistance to the Police or Fire Department in case of a break-in or emergency.
  11. A resident is thought to be hurt or in difficulty.
  12. The range is not working - only if the entire range does not work (Holidays and Weekends only).
  13. The main sewer line is clogged and causing a back-up into or around the unit.
  14. The refrigerator not working - more than 24 hours before the office is open.
  15. The main doors (entry) will not secure.
  16. Resident locked out of the unit - must have valid ID and be on the lease. Service charges may apply.
  17. A window was broken out - completely broken, not cracked or chipped.