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NC Medicaid

Beginning December 1st, 2023, NC Medicaid will cover people ages 19-64 years with higher incomes. You may be able to get health care coverage through Medicaid even if you didn't qualify before.

It includes doctor visits, check-ups, emergency care, hospital services, maternity and postpartum care, vision and hearing services, prescription drugs, behavioral health, preventive and wellness services, dental/oral health care, devices and more.

Locations/Times to Sign Up:

January 24, 2024
716 Freedom Street, Enfield, NC 11:00 - 1 PM
804 Mcdowell Road, Scotland Neck, NC 2 - 4 PM

January 31, 2024
600 South Drive, Murfreesboro, NC 11:00 - 1 PM
200 South Persimmon Street, Woodland, NC 2 - 4 PM

Contact for any questions:
Monique Harvey

Markea Nicholson