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5-Year Action Plan: Physical Needs Work Statements - Year 4 - 2024

Capital Fund Program - Five-Year Action Plan

Office of Public and Indian Housing
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Part II: Supporting Pages - Physical Needs Work Statements (s)
Work Statement for Year 4 - 2024

Development Number/Name: Authority-Wide (NAWASD)
Estimated Cost: 

Identifier: ID0047
Development Number/Name: Asphalt Repair & Replacement (Dwelling Unit - Site Work (1480) - Asphalt - Concrete - Paving, Dwelling Unit - Site Work (1480) - Landscape)
General Description of Major Work Categories: Repair and replace asphalt at each site
Estimated Cost: $192,707.00

Identifier: ID0048
Development Number/Name: Fencing (Dwelling Unit - Site Work (1480) - Fencing)
General Description of Major Work Categories: Install fence at each site.
Estimated Cost: $277,375.00

Identifier: ID0049
Development Number/Name: Management Improvements (Management Improvement (1408) - Security Improvements (not police or guard - non-physical), Management Improvement (1408) - Staff Training, Management Improvement (1408) - System Improvements)
General Description of Major Work Categories: Upgrade office furniture and breakroom
Estimated Cost: $150,000.00

Identifier: ID0050
Development Number/Name: Operations (Operations (1406))
General Description of Major Work Categories: Operations as needed.
Cost: $170,000.00

Weldon Project (NC118000004)
Estimated Cost: 

Identifier: ID0051
Development Number/Name:
Replace Plumbing (Dwelling Unit-Interior (1480) - Tubs and Showers)
General Description of Major Work Categories: 
Replace plumbing.
Cost: $257,293.00

Subtotal of Estimated Cost: $1,047,375.00